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A little help goes a long way... 
..and we will be happily put some spices in your life if you like. 

We believe happiness is crafted, not bought off a shelf. Laci Asmara wants you and your partner to become masters of this craft and learn more about the art of pleasing, being pleased and feeling appeased. At Laci Asmara we believe there’s so much pleasure to be had, you probably haven’t had half of it yet. 

If you feel that you deserve as much pleasure as you can get, if you want to get more for yourself or give more to someone else , tell us!
It's our pleasure to find something for each and everyone of you: a private conversation to find out more what you are looking for, a bachelorette party for your best girl-friend, an event certain to leave long lasting memories....  
Interested in hosting a party? a fun party including a tasteful demonstration of our award winning intimate products, sexual education and audience interaction, deep discounts for the host and a party that surely to remember will be yours. 

It goes without saying that these are your private events or parties, that we will organize them within the full respect of the law and your privacy will be safeguarded at all times: what happens in Laci Asmara stays in Laci Asmara.   

We'd love hearing from you. Any time, dont be shy. 

Write to me on asmara@angsana-asmara.com and let’s work out together how you would celebrate love in fun way.  

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