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Tips and Tricks

It our belief that sharing one's desires and opening up to new experiences will enhance your self-being and your love making. Read Asmara's posts and share your own tips, bits and sips on love, lust, like, licks, lips, clits and more.

Get your sex life back!
A healthy sexual life, a happy, fulfilling one makes us feel better. But how many can say they are truly satisfied and never felt the need, the desire for a little twist in the love making routine and make foreplay a much longer affair for example, or some role-play and indeed then why not play the beautiful game that we call to make love with some colorful, fun toys that will add a new dimension of pleasure, a new experience to be shared, enjoyed and multiplied. Just like an orgasm.
Fresh from the fridge..
Making love is almost ritual, as such it deserves to be given time to prepare all the necessary trimmings and allow for plenty of teasing: just like any ritual, it can only be consumed, once it has to be observed. Lingerie is de rigueur, the rest is up to you.
Ever had ice cubes caress your body and melt away? or being smothered in chocolate spread and kissed clean? A variety of fruit and vegetables come to mind...whatever your taste may be, make sure you continue refining it.
Love is too tasty to just try a little but of it. Have it all, your way. One bit or one bite at a time.  
Not enough....?
Read our tips and tricks here 

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